Price Or Value?…Has Going Cheap Cost You More?

It is a question every company must ask themselves before hiring a Kalamazoo janitorial company or any other contractor for that matter. While every company is different in terms of budget, we can all agree no one wants to sacrifice the level of cleaning or service they receive.

Which begs the question…

Are you getting what you paid for?
If you are constantly having cleaning issues, high employee turnover, poor communication, no follow-up and you are scratching tooth and nail with them to get things done, there is an imbalance in the relationship and you more than likely (not always) hired based on price.

Let me explain…

With the excepted proposal, the cleaning company has budgeted for a certain amount of time that it will take to clean your building. After a month or so, they realize they aren’t profiting, so they may tell their employees to cut corners, and as a result the cleanliness of your building will suffer. Sad, but unfortunately true and all too common.

Why waste your energy?…
You only have so much time in your day, it becomes old real quick having to pick up the phone yet again to call your cleaning company.

Not all janitorial companies are created equally…
Some will appeal to you based on price and some will appeal to you based on value. Those that give you a low price are either new to the business or they don’t know how to bring you any value. The important thing is to not to commoditize the cleaning industry and cross it off your calendar for the day, but really take the time to look at each company separately for what they really are.

How can you identify a value-driven cleaning company?
Outside of carrying oneself professionally, ask the right questions…and call, call, and call their references.

What are the right questions to ask to ask before hiring a cleaning company?..

The “right questions” to ask <—- Click here

Some traits of a value-driven organization…

  • Always professional.
  • Pay their employees well and treat them well.
  • They are detailed and organized in everything they do.
  • Communication is flawless.
  • They have systems in place.
  • They listen and uncover what you want and show you they heard you.
  • They can anticipate your needs, so you don’t have to call them.
  • They make your life easier and less stressful.
  • They go the extra mile.
  • They follow up.

No system is full-proof, including this one. However, at the very least it will give you a guide to help you make a wiser decision, saving time, labor, and even out your stress-level. At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships and people doing business with people. It’s like a marriage—choose wisely!

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