Disinfecting Services for Covid-19 and Flu

Keep Your Family, Customers, and Employees Safe With Professional Disinfecting & Cleaning Services
The health and safety of everyone who enters your property have always been your, and ourtop priority.
Whether they’re students & teachers, employees & customers, or anyone else, when they enter your premises, you want them to feel protected.
But it’s not just about feeling safe — you need to actually be safe. In this time of heightened need, we’re here to help ensure that protection with our Clean & Safe COVID-19 Cleanliness Certification.
The Clean & Safe COVID-19 Cleanliness Certification is simple. It’s a trusted symbol that represents all of the products, policies and efforts you’re using to ensure a clean & safe facility. It’s our promise to remain dedicated and vigilant in the continued fight against COVID-19, and our efforts to keep your building clean. ​​

Here’s what the Clean & Safe COVID-19 Cleanliness Certification means for your business or school:

Our top-of-the-line disinfecting process includes the follows procedures to provide you with the best cleaning and disinfecting possible:
In our home disinfecting we can disinfect common surfaces such as:

How Our Disinfecting Works

Our disinfecting process uses the best available products to ensure that your home, or place of work is as clean as possible. Germs and bacteria can be harmful to your family or employees and our disinfecting services can keep them safe from becoming sick.
Our disinfecting service is appropriate for both residential and commercial structures.

What should you expect during service?

Important Steps for You to Take Prior to Service

For Atlas to provide the most effective disinfection service, we ask you to make a few simple, yet critical, preparations before we arrive to perform the service. These steps allow for us to do our job the best possible ways so we can ensure the best cleaning experience for you possible. Your Atlas Service Professional will let you know if steps are needed beyond what are listed below.

After our treatment is complete

Apart from enjoying peace of mind for you and your family or work staff, the following quick housekeeping tips should be noted for continued success between disinfection services:

Trusted Cleanliness by Atlas Cleaning

As one of the region’s most trusted commercial cleaners, Atlas Cleaning Solutions enables businesses, restaurants, schools, government buildings, hotels, manufacturing facilities, & more to showcase trusted feedback around the hygiene and safety measures that have been taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Provide your staff, students, customers, or anyone entering your building with the peace of mind knowing your facility is regularly cleaned, at the Atlas Cleaning standard.

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