Atlas Employees 

Our employees are the foundation of our business. We take great care in personally training and developing each employee, treating them very well, and taking an interest in their lives. We do this not only because it’s the right thing to do, but we believe it’s the only way! As a result, your building will consistently look its best! To make sure we meet your expectations, we regularly check our employee’s work. In addition, we perform background and reference checks.

Atlas Employment

Atlas is continually growing! We are looking for exceptional office cleaning associates with positive winning attitudes to what’s right, and always go above and beyond to serve our clients. You will be challenged, but recognized for your hard work, dedication, and determination to be the best! Background and reference checks are conducted. Please call us at 269.216.3550 or email us through the Contact page to discuss your skill level and experience to see if you may be a fit. Thank you for your interest.